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Mike Best
A New York based producer and writer of hit television series, documentary and animation, [TLC's Trading Spaces, Sci Fi's Inside Space, Enhanced TBS, Oxygen Media] Mike has delivered hundreds of hours of programming to U.S. cable.

As the Coordinating Producer of TLC's breakout home improvement show Trading Spaces, Mike was charged with keeping two traveling crews of thirty sane, organized and shooting great stories. At HQ, Mike managed the post-production of each one-hour episode from rough-cut to Pro-tools sweetening.

Mike's talent also finds him in front of the camera. As correspondent for The Sci Fi Channel's Inside Space, Mike traveled the world reporting on such historic milestones as the Mars Pathfinder/ Sojourner Truth launch and landing, John Glenn's return to space and the discovery of Life on Mars. He even covered the "space burials" of 60's icon Timothy Leary and Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry!

Having cut his TV teeth as Bureau Chief for an ABC Affiliate station deep in the heart of Dixie, Mike chased tornadoes, murderers and crooked politicians before moving to NYC in 1996.

Matt O'Grady
A Producer and Writer with over 10 years experience in Television and Interactive Media.

When he was Director of Creative Content for ACTV's HyperTV Networks, Matt was responsible for conceiving, writing and managing the production of hundreds of hours of interactive television content for such clients as TBS, MTV Networks, Showtime, New Line Cinema, ABC TV/Imagine Entertainment and the Game Show Network. He also managed writers and producers and met regularly with representatives from many television networks.

From writing scripts, to casting, to shooting, to editing, Matt has created several different video products for such diverse clients as, McGraw-Hill and the AT&T Cable Center.

Not content with Playboy models, Matt also was head writer for the long-running New York-based sketch comedy troupe The Waiting Room. For them, Matt wrote over six hours of produced comedy sketches. He co-wrote and co-produced the sketch comedy TV pilot 500 Channels. He has also written for the PBS adult literacy program TV 411.

Matt served as the Editor-in-Chief of the profit-making and award-winning web humor magazine Angst American Style. Matt also authored over 100 comic books published by Personalities Comics.

Dave Bachman
A professional actor, director and writer with over 15 years experience in radio, TV, movies and the stage.

Dave was a founding member of the sketch groups Shire Company and The Waiting Room (for which he also served as Director). He's co-written and produced the TV pilots 500 Channels and Rabble-Rouser.

As an actor, Dave has performed in countless plays and television commercials. His voice can be heard on radio spots and as an announcer for television special events and network promos. He's also done movies and TV guest-spots. Dave is also eerily adroit at dialects.

Eric Nottke
A Production Manager and Writer with over 10 years experience in Television and Theatre.

As a Writer/Producer for ACTV's HyperTV Networks, Eric conceptualized, wrote and produced interactive television content for New Line Cinema, TBS, Playboy, MTV Networks and the Game Show Network.

As a freelance Production Manager Eric has worked with multi-media artists such as DJ Spooky, Sekou Sundiata and Ben Katcher; visual artists including Robert Wilson and photographer Gregory Crewdson, as well as a variety of musicians and dance companies. Eric has several good stories involving temperamental artists and long nights of drinking with Oscar Winning actors.

Eric wrote and performed with the New York based-sketch comedy troupe The Waiting Room and was an improvisational performer with Theatre Sports and Chicago City Limits in New York City. He has also written for the PBS adult literacy program TV 411.